NETCONF Usability

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NETCONF is a configuration protocol used on the southbound to communicate with end devices, and on the northbound as a means to configure the OpenDaylight controller. Ryan Goulding will review recent contributions to the NETCONF project, discuss the current state of the NETCONF code base, provide challenges that it faces, and provide a look forward to how NETCONF may address such challenges in the future.

About Ryan Goulding

Ryan Goulding is a Senior Software Engineer at Brocade Communications Systems and works on Brocade SDN Controller through upstream contribution to OpenDaylight. Ryan leads the weekly Core Projects Call and is the Project Technical Leader of the AAA project. Ryan contributes hundreds of patches to the core of ODL including yangtools, netconf, MD-SAL, controller, odlparent and AAA.

About Alexis de Talhou

Alexis is involved in many OpenDaylight projects, with a focus on supporting and promoting best practices. He aspires to create a global shared structure across projects that would lower the barrier for new committers to be able to easily ramp up and hack on OpenDaylight’s codebase. He joined the community during the early Lithium release, and has since been a day-to-day contributor. Working at Inocybe Technologies, he supports companies in leveraging OpenDaylight within their products and services, lessening the network complexity and ultimately solving their networking challenges.

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