Adding Scala Into OpenDaylight

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This presentation aims to talk about the possibility of incorporating Scala support into OpenDaylight. The goal here is to talk about the benefits that could arise from using this functional language to develop plugins or modules for OpenDaylight. Two of the foreseen benefits would be to cut some boilerplate code typically associated with Java and attract new developers to the OpenDaylight project. An overview will be done of some of the frameworks that could be leveraged to simplify concurrent and distributed programming as well as day to day programming task.

About Christophe Botek

Christophe Botek graduated in 2014 and then joined several research projects on big data processing and machine learning. He is now working for Inocybe Technologies as a Scala Developer. His involvement to the community is focused on Scala, SBT and how OpenDaylight could leverage these technologies

About Gabriel Robitaille-Montpetit

Gabriel Robitaille-Montpetit is a software engineer at Inocybe Technologies and he contributed to OVSDB, NIC, Controller and Unimgr. He is a committer on the Unimgr project.

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