3D Visualization of Multi-Layer Networks

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This presentation will explain how OpenDaylight can be used with Yang Model to visualize a Network in 3D. OpenDaylight contain a lot of information relevant for a user. This information can somethime be difficult to find nor its output may not really understandable. This presentation will showcase how its possible with OpenDaylight to use this information to obtain a way to visualise it in 3D. This way, it will be easier to have a big picture of his network.

About Maxime Millet Coulombe

Maxime Millette-Coulombe is a Fullstack Software Engineer at Inocybe Technologies. He is involved mostly as a Frontend developer for multiple projects including DLUX. His hard work, on this project, give him rapidly the committer’s status and later on project leader. He is a fresh new B. Eng in IT Engineering.

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