Inocybe and Oracle Collaborate on OpenDaylight and Oracle Solaris

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Inocybe and Oracle Collaborate on OpenDaylight and Oracle Solaris

Inocybe Open Networking Platform provides Out-of-the-box Support for Oracle Solaris

MONTREAL, QC – September 12, 2016 – Inocybe Technologies, the leading pure-play OpenDaylight (ODL) company, today announced that Inocybe’s commercially supported OpenDaylight platform is available and includes support for Oracle Solaris. Inocybe’s Open Networking Platform is a turn-key, optimized OpenDaylight Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed to create and provide stable, enterprise-grade ODL instances for Software Defined Networking (SDN) deployments.  Customers seeking to solve key networking challenges such as network virtualization with OpenStack, Wide Area Network optimization, and campus-wide security enforcement features, can do so with the comfort of having their networking environment supported by the leading ODL experts at Inocybe. As a testament to the power the Inocybe Open Networking Platform provides, Oracle has chosen Inocybe as their OpenDaylight partner, leveraging out-of-the-box Oracle Solaris support, and has become a customer of the platform itself.

“We are excited that the culmination of years of development with OpenDaylight, and being a top contributor to the OpenDaylight project, has resulted in a robust OpenDaylight platform, building upon the work we have done with enterprises, operators, services providers, and networking vendors” said Mathieu Lemay, CEO, Inocybe Technologies, “We are even more excited that Oracle has entrusted us to work together as partners, and build support for Solaris within our OpenDaylight distribution.”

The Inocybe Open Networking Platform offers customers key features such as:

  • Commercial support for OpenDaylight
  • Creating a use case driven distribution from a recipe of ODL components
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) life cycle management for ODL
  • Tiered pricing plans based on recipes, support, and custom development needs
  • Annual subscription for Platform + Instances

“We have engineered Oracle Solaris for the cloud, offering extremely efficient computing that’s easy to administer. Oracle Solaris and SPARC S7 microprocessor with Silicon Secured Memory and Data Analytics Accelerators, deliver the industry’s highest efficiency and enable organizations to run applications of all sizes on the SPARC platform at commodity price points. Our integrated technologies mean administrators can perform common, complex tasks in just a single step. A great example of this is our 1-step patching and rollback; allowing you to stay current without long downtime windows. Combining these advantages with our built-in OpenStack Distribution, makes it easier to move to the cloud,” said Markus Flierl, vice president Oracle Solaris Core Technologies, Oracle Corporation. “When looking to expand our built-in, application-driven SDN capabilities for Java and Oracle Database with OpenDaylight, partnering with Inocybe was an easy decision to make based on their leadership and vision for extending cloud scale SDN.”

Use cases for OpenDaylight in organizations are unique, and require a focused approach to serving customer needs. Inocybe’s Open Networking Platform enables Inocybe, working with customers, to create recipes (groups of ODL components) that combine to address those use cases. A recipe is used to build a downloadable distribution within the SaaS platform, and is deployed as a customer premise instance, such as an ODL controller or agent.

“A customer recently told me they like our ODL subscription service because it gives them freedom without being locked-in to any particular networking hardware vendor. Our ODL subscription service is like nothing else in the market.  As the pure play OpenDaylight provider, we not only provide our customers simplified Software Defined Networking and an enhanced Open Networking Platform, we support them in their ODL implementations and enable the community, partners and vendors to add additional functionality to ODL expanding the platform and providing our customers additional value,” said Mr. Lemay, “We believe in extending ODL capabilities for the community and within organizations, while providing a ‘life-line’ to OpenDaylight, along with training for customers to become self-sufficient.”

Inocybe’s Open Networking Platform subscription is available now. The platform is offered with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers, with increasing options based on number of recipes and levels of technical support.


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