Inocybe Technologies Launches System Integrator Partner Program for OpenDaylight SDN Deployments

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Inocybe Technologies Launches System Integrator Partner Program for OpenDaylight SDN Deployments

Itential, Factor Group, Datavision and Serro bring expertise in system integration and network design for OpenDaylight deployments to Inocybe’s partner ecosystem

MONTREAL, QC – August 31, 2016 – Inocybe Technologies, the leading pure-play OpenDaylight (ODL) company, announced partnerships with Itential, Factor Group, Datavision and Serro to provide customers with world class system integration and engineering expertise for the deployment of OpenDaylight-based products and services.

Inocybe’s System Integrator Partner Program is a mutually beneficial program that enables companies to simply and securely navigate the journey that comes with adopting cloud and software-defined networking technologies.

“The rapid growth of our ecosystem is evidence that the industry is looking for production-grade open source solutions that bring OpenDaylight-powered products and services into production, reliably and quickly,” said Andy Salo, Chief Operating Officer at Inocybe Technologies. “Inocybe’s System Integrator Partner Program is a great way for system integrators to provide OpenDaylight-based solutions that are proven in production.”

Inocybe is offering partners a ‘free playground’ subscription to their SaaS Open Networking Platform. The partner subscription for Inocybe’s Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) platform can be used to create any OpenDaylight instance (controllers or agents) for non-production purposes, such as internal development, training, and customer education. Inocybe is also offering initial members a discount on OpenDaylight training and access to their online self-paced courses.

“With OpenDaylight at the cornerstone of SDN deployments around the world, it has become critical to ensure OpenDaylight software is managed and deployed as production-ready code,” said Bill Barry, EVP Strategy at Serro. “We look forward to leveraging Inocybe’s platform for ODL to accelerate the path to our production quality, commercial-grade deployments.”

“We are excited to be part of the initial onboarding for Inocybe’s partner program,” said Chris Wade, Co-Founder and CTO at Itential. “The opportunity to leverage Inocybe’s SaaS Open Networking Platform will allow our development teams to focus on application development enabling automated operations. Given the toolkit approach to ODL, the partner CI/CD environment will accelerate our ability to provide solutions to our customers.”

This new program will not only benefit Inocybe’s System Integrator channel partners, but joint customers and development teams. Partners will benefit from expanded collaboration through cross-selling and access to Inocybe’s platform to help them meet the various needs of their customers, and accelerate the time required to achieve production ready OpenDaylight deployments.

“As OpenDaylight becomes increasingly pervasive in the industry, Datavision’s YANG service modeling and integration skills work hand in hand with Inocybe’s ODL Platform to help speed our clients time-to-market, providing a fully integrated solution,” said Mark Abolafia, Chief Operating Officer at Datavision. “As an industry leader in SDN/NFV system integration and development, we look forward to working with Inocybe as the leader in ODL to further enhance our orchestration capabilities and our joint market penetration.”

“Factor Group is very excited to be a System Integrator for Inocybe Technologies,” said Evgeny Zobnitsev, CTO of Factor Group. “Inocybe’s Open Networking Platform is the right product at the right time for telcos and enterprises who need help mitigating the growing network complexities caused by the rise in connected devices, while avoiding vendor lock-in.”

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