Inocybe Technologies Showcases OpenDaylight Platform at ONS 2016

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Dominic Caron
Inocybe Technologies
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Inocybe Technologies Showcases OpenDaylight Platform at ONS 2016

Demos, Speaking Engagements and Showcase Highlight Inocybe’s Leadership at Major Open Networking Event

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – March 14, 2016 – Today, Inocybe Technologies Inc., the #1 pure play OpenDaylight company, released details regarding its major presence at the Open Networking Summit 2016 being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on March 14-17.

According to The VAR Guy, Inocybe Technologies’ session “ONOS & OpenDaylight – Crossing the Chasm” is especially worth noting. Additionally, Inocybe will participate in multiple speaking sessions including discussions on certificate-based authentication in SDN environments, path protection and failover strategies in SDN networks, and the future of intent-based networking/VPNs and their impact on SDN platforms. Inocybe will also be part of an SDN and NFV Solution Showcase and have demos and information at our booth-space: SU9.

Session Highlights:

ONOS and OpenDaylight: Crossing the Chasm
Speaker: Mathieu Lemay, Inocybe Technologies
When: Wednesday, March 16 • 4:10pm – 4:50pm
Where: Grand Ballroom G
Details: The ONOS and OpenDaylight projects have often been seen as competing solutions to similar problems in the SDN space. This talk will provide highlights and strengths from both initiatives based on the design choices and respective focus. It dives into each control framework architectures and provides an example blended reference architecture that provides the best of both world in a proof of concept. We then will go through a live demonstration of this architecture using sample code.

Project Boulder: A Remedy to SDN App Fragmentation
Speaker: Mathieu Lemay, Inocybe Technologies
When: Tuesday, March 15 • 4:10pm – 4:50pm
Where: Grand Ballroom C
Details: This talk goes over the OSSDN Boulder Project: an Intent based compiler prototype that can to be used to write SDN applications that are portable across different controllers. Intents provide the ability to describe high level network logic that can be enforced and executed by a proper controller runtime. This specific runtime has been implemented for OpenDaylight and ONOS. The applications can be written in any orthogonal domain specific languages which also makes it portable across other SDN controllers.

Path protection and Failover strategies in SDN networks
Speaker: Rashmi Pujar, Inocybe Technologies
When: Thursday, March 17 • 3:40pm – 4:20pm
Where: Grand Ballroom B
Details: In SDN solutions it is crucial to have a self healing network that detects node and link failure events to recover the connectivity of a system by exploiting redundant links; all of which is transparent to the user. Failover mechanisms can be implemented either using slow-reroute or hard-reroute.

  1. Slow-reroute is done in software using disjoint path calculation algorithms (E.g. Suurballe algorithm) and standard Openflow features.
  2. Fast-reroute is done using hardware assisted OAM with 802.1ag path failure detection and using Openflow group failover table features.

The Opendaylight controller currently implements path failure detection and recovery using slow-reroute mechanism. In this presentation we discuss the current implementation of failover mechanisms, and the challenges in supporting it in the SDN paradigm.

Intent-based VPNs and its future in SDN
Speaker: Icaro Camelo, Inocybe Technologies
When: Tuesday, March 15 • 3:30pm – 3:50pm
Where: Grand Ballroom C
Details: The new SDN era is more abstract, orchestrated, independent and doesn’t rely on specific technologies. That being said, Intent frameworks manage and direct network services and resources based on describing the “Intent” for network behaviors and policies. We will discuss how an Intent-based solution can abstract different types of technologies (such as MPLS, BGP, GRE, etc) and what are the architecture challenges of this process.

Certificate-based Authentication in SDN Environment
Speaker: Mohamed El-Serngawy, Inocybe Technologies
When: Tuesday, March 15 • 2:15pm – 2:55pm
Where: Grand Ballroom D
Details: In the SDN Network environment, certificate-based authentication is mandatory for the SDN controller to be able to authorize and authenticate the network elements. However the certificate based authentication models we have today required changes and challenges to be adapted to the SDN environments. Mohamed will present the current problem in the certificate based authentication models with SDN environment and the possible solution to overcome those problems:

  • Self-Sign certificate: key management and MITM attacks.
  • Certificate Authority (local and public): generate and update certificate process during production environment. Compromised CA certificate will compromise all network elements that use CA Certificate.
  • Distinguish between the secure channels over different network protocols (OpenFlow, Netconf, SNMP, .etc)
  • The possible solutions from the academic and industry research

ONS Solution Showcase:
In the SDN and NFV Solutions Showcase at the conference, Inocybe Technologies will participate in the “MPLS VPN with protection restoration on PicOS with OpenDaylight” in partnership with Pica8 and SURFnet.

Executive Briefing:
Mathieu Lemay, Inocybe Technologies’ CEO will be available for press interviews during the conference. Please contact Dominic Caron (dcaron(at)inocybe(dot)com) with any requests.


About Inocybe Technologies Inc.
Inocybe Technologies Inc. is the number one pure-play OpenDaylight company. Inocybe delivers all the software, services, training and support needed for running OpenDaylight. Among the top five companies worldwide in contributing open source software to OpenDaylight, Inocybe has helped build and deploy real world OpenDaylight deployments. Inocybe Technologies is privately held and has been a pioneer in user empowered networking research since 2005. For additional information follow us @inocybetech or visit:

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