Inocybe Technologies announces an Open Controller Hardware Appliance for OpenDaylight

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Inocybe Technologies announces an Open Controller Hardware Appliance for OpenDaylight

Inocybe takes packaging and customization to specialized hardware

MONTREAL, QC – July 29, 2015 – Today, Inocybe Technologies Inc., the #1 pure play OpenDaylight company, is bringing OpenDaylight distributions to bare metal. After working hard on specialty hardware which brings the best out of a management switch and a medium-range server, Inocybe announces a specialty hardware controller specially designed for OpenDaylight and SDN, data utility use cases.

The devices are being unveiled at the OpenDaylight Summit this week, and feature advanced internal container management which allows the end-users to leverage the advantages of special-purposed hardware and the flexibility and customization of OpenSource software. Leveraging’s Inocybe’s OpenDaylight distribution announced yesterday, this appliance is perfect to manage a large quantity of devices in Datacenters or Access Networks, procuring all the benefits of having SDN in your management network.

“We’ve worked hard with our stakeholders to come up with the best compromise between ease of use and flexibility,” said Mathieu Lemay, president and chief executive officer of Inocybe Technologies. “This appliances makes it easy for people to create their use-case based turnkey solution for SDN and NFV deployments.”

Inocybe’s Freedom Appliance features an integrated Broadcom Trident II switch along with an ONIE bootloader:

  • High Speed Ports – Designed with 8x10Gb SFP+ optical ports and 40x1Gb copper ports, the appliance was designed to provide a range of connectivity options to manage local and remote devices.
  • Front-facing LCD – Programmable via OpenDaylight models the LCD is a great companion to the appliance, giving the ability for local management to modify the underlying infrastructure to best meet the virtual infrastructure requirements.
  • Companion to whiteboxes – With a whitebox or brightbox strategy, the controller will bootstrap and upgrade your whitebox-based environment. It is a perfect middle-rack appliance connected to whitebox’s management ports.
  • Customized– Deploy the OpenDaylight distribution you want on it and leverage a lock-in free environment while getting the benefits of having SDN in your management network.

Availability and Services
Inocybe’s Appliances are currently available in limited quantities for select early adopters but will be made GA this fall. Inocybe Technologies provides certification, training, and professional services around OpenDaylight. For more information about our distribution or to discuss specific SDN application needs for your business please contact Inocybe via Live Chat at or via e-mail at info(at)


About Inocybe Technologies Inc.
Inocybe Technologies Inc. is the number one pure-play OpenDaylight company. Inocybe delivers all the software, services, training and support needed for running OpenDaylight. Among the top five companies worldwide in contributing open source software to OpenDaylight, Inocybe has helped build and deploy real world OpenDaylight deployments. Inocybe Technologies is privately held and has been a pioneer in user empowered networking research since 2005. For additional information follow us @inocybetech or visit:

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