Inocybe is now part of Kontron

An expert in open source networking software and software-defined networks (SDN) from the datacenter to the edge, Inocybe adds open networking and OpenDaylight SDN controller expertise to Kontron's SYMKLOUD portfolio of white box hardware and integrated open source solutions. This acquisition will secure two strategic objectives for Kontron: one, it bolsters its NFV and SDN offerings for telecoms, cable, and communications service providers (CSPs); and two, it expands an IT network operator customer base from which enterprises, The Internet of Things (IoT), and smart cities, among others, deploy open networking and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Inocybe aims to take complexity out of open source networking

Inocybe’s product is a platform designed to simplify the consumption and use of OpenDaylight as the SDN controller, in any architecture, like the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP).

Inocybe, Cablevision Argentina Virtualize CDN

Tier 2 operators are moving into the virtualization space in a different way from their larger counterparts, focusing first on more narrow use cases.

Blogs and Announcements

OpenDaylight Oxygen: With Age Comes Maturity and Production Stability

With development efforts focused on code cleanup, bug fixing, and security, OpenDaylight Oxygen showcases platform maturity with a keen focus on quality.  Although the community has rallied around stabilizing and improving existing functionality to reassure operational reliability, there were also some great features contributed.

Kontron communications business acquires Inocybe

Inocybe acquisition strengthens the Kontron NFV / SDN and Cloud Native strategies to target the multi-billion dollar ‘open software on open hardware’ market opportunity among service providers, hyperscale and enterprise network operators.

Inocybe Executives Elected to Two Linux Foundation Open Networking Boards

"There are few executives in the open source networking space that have the same gravitas from a vision, insight, and experience perspective than Mathieu Lemay and John Zannos.  Their commitment to moving the industry forward, as demonstrated with their work with OpenDaylight, will make them highly valuable contributors to the OpenSwitch and LFN governing boards." - Christopher R. Wilder, Senior IIoT Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy

Kontron and Inocybe partner to build integrated Open Networking platforms to accelerate SDN and NFV production deployments

First of many solutions planned include Open Network switches that are designed from the get-go to work seamlessly with OpenDaylight SDN Controllers