Open Networking from the Data Center to the Network Edge

Cloud, IoT and 5G are changing how modern networks are operated and deployed at scale. Inocybe’s Open Networking Platform is the first to enable enterprises and service providers to deploy software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) solutions across an integrated and consumable environment. Inocybe Technologies is the leading Open Networking technology provider from the data center to the network edge. Inocybe’s Open Networking Platform enables customers to deploy networks based on the leading, emerging and innovative open networking software. The Inocybe Open Networking Platform accelerates the adoption of automated and intelligent networking for enterprises and service providers based on OpenDaylight,, PNDA and ONAP.

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Avaya Networking and Inocybe Set a New Benchmark for Scalability to Support Internet of Things

Avaya Leverages Inocybe's OpenDaylight Platform to manage and secure up to 168,000 devices.

Inocybe and Oracle Collaborate on OpenDaylight and Oracle Solaris

Inocybe Open Networking Platform provides Out-of-the-box Support for Oracle Solaris.

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"Avaya Inc. and Inocybe Technologies have demonstrated a system that promises to support as many as 168,000 connected devices... the largest number of devices, by a wide margin, ever supported on an open, standards-based SDN architecture."

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“Canonical’s OpenStack Cloud is now being offered in partnership with Inocybe’s VPP Open Networking Components. This is an industry-first open networking solution that is easy to deploy and manage”