Inocybe Virtualization Platform, provides end-to-end virtualization management bringing together SDN and Clouds into a fully integrated experience like no other.

Platform Components

From smart to simple, IVP brings automation and intelligence of virtual infrastructures
to the next level: simplicity.

Use IVP to create a global scale infrastructure in just seconds.


In order to deliver on its promises the platform is built around the following components:

  • Network OS: A Network OS optimized for Virtual Network Elements and Virtual IO
  • Infrastructure Controller: A unified Cloud and SDN controller with added intelligence and automation
  • Online Exchange: A marketplace where resources can be exchanged and monetized

Platform Highlights

IVP is a turnkey solution for managing all your ICT infrastructure in a unified, simple to use system. Using Drag & Drop users can quickly build their virtual or physical infrastructures. IVP provides significant operational expenditure economy and helps monetize excess infrastructure.