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Who We Are In Short

Committed to Creating a Good Vendor Lock-in Free Open Source Ecosystem for SDN and NFV

Open Hardware

Using whitebox hardware or OpenCompute nodes we provide open and inexpensive network elements or server payloads that support proper isolation and sharing through virtual slices.

Open Software

From Network OS to Controller for innovation to happen there must be a complete end-to-end ecosystem that helps manage converged multi-vendor infrastructures and next generation networks.

Open Market

Unified Northbound Interfaces, Protocols and Execution Environments will allow for Applications to strive and be deployed easily across compatible environments. An Open Marketplace must be available.

What Our Customers Say

Avaya Networking and Inocybe Set a New Benchmark for Scalability to Support IoT

"It’s one thing to connect thousands of devices to a network; it’s another to make sure there’s the security and manageability required by businesses. This is beyond connections, but eliminating the compromise between large scale deployments, security, and management. Based on our test, businesses can be confident that ODL is a solid, practical foundation for SDN deployments intended to support the future of IoT."

- Liam Kiely, Vice President, Avaya Networking

Inocybe and Oracle Collaborate on OpenDaylight and Oracle Solaris

"When looking to expand our built-in, application-driven SDN capabilities for Java and Oracle Database with OpenDaylight, partnering with Inocybe was an easy decision to make based on their leadership and vision for extending cloud scale SDN."

- Markus Flierl, Vice President, Oracle Solaris Core Technologies, Oracle Corporation



Our History

Inocybe Technologies has been involved in networking innovation for over a decade. Our main vision has always been that network management is too complicated and consists of too many manual processes.

In 2005, we started by creating ‘user empowered’ networking, in which users could self-provision services across the network. Additionally, we wanted to extend the platform to sensors, compute and other hardware devices. This led us to build an IaaS framework on top of which we developed Inocybe's Virtualization Platform. With the industry’s creation of the OpenDaylight ecosystem in 2013, we decided to accelerate and focus on SDN and NFV innovation and make it consumable. We approached our end-to-end strategy as a partnership with other complementary companies, and became a pure-play OpenDaylight company to execute on our vision.

    With more than 13% of Global OpenDaylight Production Deployments to-date, we are the leading pure play OpenDaylight company. Our distribution binaries are currently used by customers around the world, within their Operator, Enterprise and Vendor-based OpenDaylight solutions. We offer a robust, commercially supported platform that allows end users to create their own set of OpenDaylight solutions, derived from recipe-based use cases, and building upon our vast experience with these customer deployments.


    Years of SDN Research

    From UCLP, GENI and many European FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020, Inocybe Technologies has been pushing the limits of technology.

    Million Lines of Code

    Between UCLP, IaaS Framework and our contributions to the OpenDaylight project, Inocybe has amassed a large codebase .


    Inocybe had been involved in over 100 open-source projects over the course of the past years while establishing its vision.