OpenDaylight Best Practices

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Release after release, OpenDaylight has enlarged its scope, and provides more and more tools to perform actions. Although some wiki pages exists, it is hard to understand what are the best practice for OpenDaylight in term of project architecture, checkstyle. As a whole, it is important OpenDaylight stays consistent from project to project so when important updates are occurring, it’s easy to pinpoint what/where to make to modification.

Defining and sharing best practices from a common, unique and centralized stream will help developers embrace OpenDaylight’s power.

About Stephen Kitt

Stephen Kitt is a software engineer in Red Hat’s SDN team, working in OpenDaylight to continually improve the quality of our code and resulting releases. He has been coding for over thirty years, professionally for twenty, and is always on the lookout for better development techniques. He is currently a committer on the OVSDB project and the project lead of the ODL Root Parent project.

About Alexis de Talhou

Alexis is involved in many OpenDaylight projects, with a focus on supporting and promoting best practices. He aspires to create a global shared structure across projects that would lower the barrier for new committers to be able to easily ramp up and hack on OpenDaylight’s codebase. He joined the community during the early Lithium release, and has since been a day-to-day contributor. Working at Inocybe Technologies, he supports companies in leveraging OpenDaylight within their products and services, lessening the network complexity and ultimately solving their networking challenges.

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