Serro Partners with Inocybe Technologies for OpenDaylight SDN Deployments (Michael Guta, Open Network)

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High-speed mobile broadband services continue to put pressure on CSPs and network operators as they face increasing capital and operational expenditures (CapEx and OpEx). The industry as a whole is looking to network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) to lower the total cost of ownership, as well as the CapEx and OpEx. As more organizations adopt NFV and SDN, resources such as the OpenDaylight Project (ODL) become that much more important to follow standards across the board to effectively use the technology.

The partnership between Inocybe Technologies and Serro is going to give its customers tools for comprehensive system integration and engineering expertise. This will ensure the deployment of OpenDaylight-based products and services will meet the appropriate standards to fully leverage all of the benefits of NFV and SDN.

Inocybe Technologies provides all the software, services, training and support needed for running ODL. The company is responsible for building and deploying 13 percent of the global ODL production deployments, and the partnership with Serro, an expert in infrastructure design and automation, will increase its ODL deployments.

The Inocybe System Integrator Partner Program allows companies such as Serro to adopt cloud and software-defined networking technologies easily with proven production platforms that ensure the security and reliability of the services they provide.

“The rapid growth of our ecosystem is evidence that the industry is looking for production-grade open source solutions that bring OpenDaylight-powered products and services into production reliably and quickly,” said Andy Salo, Chief Operating Officer at Inocybe Technologies.

As an open source project created to advance SDN, OpenDaylight is collaborative effort led by a community to establish industry-supported framework to create a more transparent approach to SDN that consists of code and blueprints to accelerate adoption, encourage innovation and lower risk.

Serro will be able to create its own ODL solutions from use cases and deploy it to any part of the networking stack for devices, open controller appliances, whitebox switches or commodity servers. Using the Inocybe platform user interface, Serro can manage production instance deployments to better understand the latest product updates and changes while at the same time being able to add new features and repositories as needed. This includes being able to manage builds and perform necessary tests whenever a change is made, as well as testing and preparing for future releases.

“With OpenDaylight at the cornerstone of SDN deployments around the world, it has become critical to ensure OpenDaylight software is managed and deployed as production-ready code,” said Bill Barry, EVP Strategy at Serro.

According to Inocybe, the new program will benefit partners, joint customers and development teams through expanded collaboration with cross-selling. The Inocybe platform also helps organizations accelerate the time to market by delivering production ready OpenDaylight deployments much faster.

Source: Open Network

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