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We turned to OpenDaylight one month after its inception in April 2013, we had been involved in SDN to simplify IT and like many we started creating value-add. However we saw that majority of the members were building products out of OpenDaylight and the project itself was lacking in usability. We are committed to evolve and improve Software Defined Networking and NFV innovation around OpenDaylight and help vendors and service providers leverage OpenDaylight as part of their products or solutions.

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"Inocybe provides training and a commercial distribution of OpenDaylight, and helps leveraging real-life deployment, similar to the role Mirantis Inc. plays with OpenStack."

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" Inocybe Technologies launches an ODL powered controller"


"Inocybe Technologies, the Pure Play OpenDaylight company, helps vendors, integrators and service providers leverage OpenDaylight as part of their products and services,"

Fierce Wireless

“In Lithium, we focused on external tools, like the OpenDaylight Explorer, or our managed OpenDaylight offering which allows people to create a supported distribution specific to their needs.”

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